Insights Found Using PowerBI to Visualize My Driving

At this season in my life, I feel like I spend  a whole lot of time in the car - especially before my oldest got her license earlier this year.  I recorded my driving stats for 2 weeks.  I captured anything I could think of that would be interesting to segment by.  I used PowerBI to look for some patterns and trends.  Here is what I found:

I Average 15 Hours a Week Driving

That's a lot of time in the car!

I Make The Most Stops on Sunday - Friday I Get a Rest

Tuesdays I Spend the Most Time in the Car

Thank God I'm a City Boy

Over 60% of the time I spent in the car is on city roads

1/3rd of my Driving Time is Kid Related

It's a busy season of life having three kids. The data confirms this.

This shows a little more details on what makes up the three category groups above

Traffic Was Worst on Wednesday and Thursday

Timeslots: 7AM and 5PM Dominate Weekdays See Much More Diversity



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