Introducing A New Segment: A Moment of Integrity

One of the first decisions when forming my company was what to name it. I had some bad ideas for sure. Then I thought of what is important to me and what I want to be known for. What qualities would I want to pass on to my kids? It was then that I choose to have the word 'Integrity' in the company name.

Doing the right thing and being open and transparent is very important to me.  I strive to do this daily. To help me with this mission as well as others with similar ideals, I thought it would be powerful to share stories of people and organizations that have acted with incredible integrity. Thus, I am happy to announce the launch of a new video series called 'A Moment of Integrity.'

This first segment focuses on the simple, yet powerful and courageous action taken by a former colleague of mine. He choose to reveal his identify on an anonymous employee feedback survey. That took guts.