Marketing Tips From the Car Wash

I took my car to the car wash over the weekend.  Besides leaving with a clean car, I learned some valuable marketing lessons I can apply to my business.  As my car was being pulled through the various wash stages,  I noticed the signage that was present - many times with flashing lights for even more pull. I saw signs like "Pure Water Rinse" and "Turbo Jet Dry". I had the thought that it is kind of silly how they are still advertising or marketing to me even though they already got my money to enter the wash.  Why are they selling me on the tire shine when I already bought it?

Your Marketing Shouldn't Stop When a Customer Purchases

Turbo Jet Dry Sign in a car wash
A sign inside the car wash advertising the Turbo Jet Dry

The reason the car wash had all that signage wasn't to get me to purchase, it was to make me feel delighted about the money I just spent.  Maybe I wouldn't notice how shiny the tires looked or the lack of water spots on the windshield.  But a sign with flashing lights would sure make that less likely. It was almost like each new sign was a reminder "see, this is worth the money you just spent!" Your customers may already know all the special touches and magical thoughtful "ingredients" you put into what you deliver. Even if they do,  I am sure they won't mind if you remind them.



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