New Shoes? New Opportunities To Grow

I was fortunate to get new shoes as a gift from my wife for Christmas.  As I get adjusted to them, I thought I would share my thoughts on parallels to going through a career change, getting a new project or really any new situation.

  1. When you are immersed with something new to you, it can certainly be uncomfortable
  1. When something is uncomfortable, it can dominate your thoughts. All you can think about is your discomfort and "pain"
  1. You may blame the person that pointed you to the 'new' and question their judgment
  1. You get thoughts of 'just go back to what you know' - it felt good and all of this discomfort will go away
  1. Sometimes you simply need a short break to go back to something familiar for a short time - then you can revisit the new
  1. If you stick it out, it can become more comfortable and will become much better than what you had prior
  1. Sometime in the future, the 'new' will become old and need to be replaced and you will need to revisit this whole process again
  1. Sometimes if the 'new' is still painful and uncomfortable for an extended time with no signs of improvement, it is possible that it is
    n't the right 'fit' for you and you may need to look into other options
  1. You may have to hide the 'old ' or make it out of sight to avoid constant comparisons to how things used to be
  1. If people comment on how much they like seeing you in the 'new', it can help persuade you to stick with the new and not go back to the old